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State Divided

As someone who has spent the last 21 years, AKA my whole life, growing up and living in W.Va, I get super protective over my beautiful state. 

That being said, lets talk about sports. As of last night, our two major universities both won their respective bowl championships this football season — Marshall and WVU.

I go to Marshall. 

As the smaller of the two schools, we are always looked at as the “little brother” and most people in the state consider our school as a whole a bit of a joke. 

For many obviously reasons, this really grinds my gears. 

But what bothers me most are those WVU fans who consider themselves “proud to be a West Virginian” on the bases of how well WVU football plays. 

Our state offers so much more than a quasi-talented football team and people who “bleed” blue and gold. My problem with WVU does not stem from them being bigger or better than us, because I chose to go to Marshall (and am 150% happy with that choice). I get upset when those fans make my state look like nothing more than a football team. And when those same people don’t celebrate their pride when the mountaineers lose.  

I am proud of our mountains, our people and our hospitality and it has nothing to do with my team winning the Beef-o-Brady’s bowl. I just wish more people thought that way. 

Sports don’t define us. 

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